rConfig 3.5 available

I am delighted that as of today, v3.5.0 is available for download for new installations and upgrades to 3.x installations. While working towards a 4.0 release, I made the decision to release 3.5 to fix some bugs and add some enhancements to 3.1. The full list of changes are in the CHANGELOG. Major changes include a full overhaul to the Database abstraction layer (using PHP PDO) to increase rConfig security, performance and support for CentOS7/ PHP7. I have also removed the previous 'template generator' for now, as I intend to develop a brand new Config Template Generator for v4. I've tested this code already, and it is a very cool feature. I have also built new installation scripts to make the initial installation of rConfig a much easier process. See the install guide below for more information on this.

My next steps are to develop an OVA for easier installation. Add a brand new new Online Demo (with a live networks based on the GNS3 platform) so you can kick the tires on new and existing features before downloading/ upgrading rConfig and also start working on the new v4 feature set. Some of my ideas around v4 are;

  1. IPv6 support
  2. Multi-vendor support
  3. LDAP Integration
  4. Template Configurator
  5. Multi-threading (performance improvement)
  6. UI enhancements

Lots to do for v4, but for now enjoy this release, I think there is a lot of stability in it :)