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rconfig-3.9.0 rconfig-3.9.0 HOT

Important Notice: If you are upgrading from any 3.8 version to 3.9.0, you MUST run the following commands on your rConfig server. Else the upgrade will cause errors. 

cd /home

curl -O -A "Mozilla"

chmod u+x



Once the above script is successfully run, you can continue with the upgrade process as normal.
For installation/ upgrade instructions, please read this guide:
Important Note: You must have PHP 5.6+ installed and running for this version of rConfig to operate correctly. 


NOTE: If you are upgrading from previous versions, please be sure to take a full backup of current rConfig installation and data. And test your upgrades on non=production systems before upgrading your production rConfig servers.

FINAL NOTE: You may download and use rConfig free of charge. It's easy to setup and use. I have provided a ton of documentation and troubleshooting guides on this site to help you get started. I will only reply to support queries if you have purchased support. Please purchase support for rConfig here 


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